Railcar Solutions

Western Railroad Equipment Company (WREX) offers a wide variety of rail cars for lease allowing you to focus on your business and leave the challenges of railcar ownership and management to us.  Our experienced leasing and administrative staff help you select the right solutions for your rail transportation needs depending upon the materials you transport and leasing solutions needed.  Below are some of the railcars we typically lease.  And, if you have some specialized needs, we can craft a solution to meet your needs.

Tank Cars

There are many variations of tank cars due to the wide variety of liquids and gases transported today.  Tank cars can be pressurized or non-pressurized, insulated or non-insulated, and designed for single or multiple commodities.  Some commonly transported products in tank cars includes: corn syrup, water, brine, chemicals, tallow, oil, and ethanol.

Pressure Differential Covered Hoppers

Suitable for dry bulk product transport. It provides closed loop air assisted unloading when gravity is not enough and/ or where product exposure to an open unloading system is not wanted. Flour, starch, clay, talc, lime, dry chemicals and minerals are commonly transported in these cars.


Covered Hopper Rail Cars

Hopper cars have been used by railways worldwide whenever automated cargo handling has been desired. Covered hopper cars are used for bulk cargo such as grain, sugar, and fertilizer that must be protected from exposure to the weather. Open hopper cars are used for commodities such as coal or other materials that can handle exposure to weather elements.


Mill Gondola Rail Cars

A gondola is an open-top type railcar that is used for carrying loose bulk materials. Because of its low side walls, gondolas are used to carry either very dense material, such as steel plates or coils, or bulky items such as prefabricated construction materials. Versatile gondola railcars can be configured to transport scrap metals, steel ingots, sheet steel, pipes and other metal products.


Box Cars

Boxcars carry a wide range of products, from rolled paper, pulp, newsprint, metals, building materials, appliances, food products, or any bagged and palletized material.


RailRunner Intermodal Cars

RailRunner Intermodal is designed to transport a semi-truck trailer loaded with a shipping container.