RailRunner Intermodal

Designed to transport a semi-truck trailer loaded with a shipping container. The container mounted on a RailRunner chassis can be pulled by truck or locomotive and easily shifted from one transport mode to the other. This allows shippers to keep their products “identity preserved” in the same container, whether on highway, rail or ship, all the way to the final destination.

The RailRunner system consists of three elements: Purpose-built chassis for rail and highway operation, able to carry 40′ to 53′ domestic and 20′ to 45′ international ISO shipping containers (a trailer solution can also be made available); Intermediate bogies to provide rail support between two RailRunner chassis on air-ride suspension; and Transition bogies to connect RailRunner consists to locomotive power or to another standard railcar.

The RailRunner intermodal terminal itself can be located nearly anywhere. All that’s required is an appropriate railroad siding, some gravel or concrete grading on and by the tracks and approximately 75 feet of maneuvering room for each unit or rail car.

For more information on the RailRunner equipment, visitĀ www.railrunner.comĀ