Covered Hoppers

Covered hopper cars have a roof equipped with hatches for loading material into compartments. The product is unloaded through a gate at the bottom section of each compartment. Free-flowing product is best suited for this car because gravity against the weight of the product is used for unloading.

Capacity and Maximum Weight: Cubic capacity ranges from 3100 to 6700. The maximum weight ranges from 263,000 to 286,000 pounds which includes the car and product weight.

Additional Features: Cars can have the interior lined with a variety of coatings suitable for a wide range of technical or food grade products.

Types of product suitable for covered hoppers: Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Barley, Oats, Sugar, Rice, Flour, Malt, Dried Distillers Grain (DDG), Fertilizer, Potash, Sand, Clay, Alumina, Coke, Lime, Perlite, Roofing Granules.

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